At Sazar Group, we supply a comprehensive range of gas cylinders meant for a range of different purposes. We provide gas meant for cooking, welding, refrigerant, fuel and purging among other uses. Our gas comes in a range of different size cylinders to suit every need, project and installation.

Gas can be dangerous if not handled correctly, but you can rest assured that all of our cylinders are completely safe, and are contained by an incorporated high-pressure regulator.

In addition to supplying gas cylinders for various purposes, we also supply all the accessories that go along with gas solutions, including torches, welders, valves, regulators and safety equipment. No need to shop around, you can find everything you require for your gas needs under one roof.

Gas is needed for a very diverse range of uses, and provides many benefits in terms of affordability and effectiveness.

If you do not currently have a gas set up in your kitchen, you may want to consider doing so. Gas provides instant heat to cook with so there is no waiting for the plates or oven to heat up. It also often works out to be more affordable than electricity, depending on what types of meals you’re cooking.

Unfortunately, South Africa has experienced many bouts of loadshedding and will most likely continue to do so. Being powered by gas means that so long as there is gas in your tank, you can cook and heat things up, loadshedding or not.

On top of supplying gas for residential purposes, Sazar Group also supplies gas for restaurants, retail and the industrial sector for a variety of purposes. Whatever your gas needs may be, we can meet them.

Not sure what gas solutions are right for you?

Don’t hesitate to chat to one of our experts that can assist you in finding the best gas products and solutions for you.

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