While Sazar mostly specialises in the supply of building materials, tools and items used in construction and renovation products, we supply and sell a range of miscellaneous products.

While these products may not be what our brand is known for, we still ensure that they are of a high quality and that our customers are satisfied. If you have any questions regarding the following items, don’t hesitate to speak to one of our knowledgeable team members.

Traditional Beads

The Sazar Group sell a wide range of traditional beads in many shapes and colours that could be used for a variety of beading projects.

We usually sell these beads in bulk.

Our traditional beads have been used in many large-scale beading projects in the tourism industry and our customers have always been happy with our quality, affordable beads.

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Quality crockery is hard to come by these days, but Sazar still insists in supplying quality crockery.

Our crockery comes in a range of different styles and colours to suit a wide variety of different tastes.

We supply plates, side plates, cups, mugs and bowls among other crockery items. Our crockery can be bought in matching sets or separately.

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Blankets are an essential in every home, especially in our chilly, South African winters.

At Sazar Group, we supply well-made blankets that are made to survive dozens of winters no matter what environment they’re subjected to.

Our blankets come in a variety of sizes and colours.

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We manufacture stable, durable bicycles that are built to last for years.

Bicycles are complex products with various components but the high-quality bicycles we sell promise that each ride you have on our bicycles is a safe one. We have a few bicycle variations in terms of shapes, sizes, styles and function.

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